Result focused website development and design, website redesign, optimisation, website migration services, consultation and any kind of web based solution.93% of Business Purchase Decisions Start with a Search Engine Search so if you haven’t a website only you can reach 7% of the market potential

The main reason that it is important for businesses to have a website is how people are likely to find you. These days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase if you don’t have a website you are missing out on all of this potential business. Even if people don’t buy your product online they are still likely to research it online so you must have a website to help visitors to learn about your business.

The Key 32s

  1. You have a product you would like to sell
  2. Improve your reputation
  3. Your business gets the competitive edge
  4. Businesses without an Internet strategy are finding it hard to survive
  5. You want to let people know about your business or organisation
  6. Technology know-how is a key difference in the Sri Lanka marketplace
  7. Your company needs a voice
  8. You’re Business always open
  9. You have some information that is helpful or interesting
  10. Bring Your Business to Google
  11. Find more customers online (and take some of your competitors)
  12. You can increase your productivity
  13. You have customers who need your support
  14. Inexpensive, fast and effective customer service
  15. A Web site gives your customers instant access to your products
  16. You want to expand your business, domestically or internationally
  17. Reduce staff time
  18. Demonstrate a progressive and expanding business
  19. To Satisfies and Amazed your customers
  20. Millions of people will see your message
  21. Generate an online list of e-mail addresses for direct marketing
  22. Deliver your message without spending money on printing or postage
  23. Increases the chances of impulse buying
  24. Builds credibility for your organisation
  25. The whole world becomes your market
  26. Marketing cost Reduction
  27. Do a Smart business
  28. Attract SMART customers
  29. Chat with your web visitors’ on-time
  30. You want feedback from your customers
  31. You need to transfer information to other branches and salespeople
  32. Customers can be referred to your website for further information

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